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Bringing Intelligence
to Every Business User

Analytics is no longer the rarified realm of data scientists. Today, business users need the ability to instantly discover important insights to rapidly take informed and data-driven action.
Sisense makes every business user data fluent. Through ‘badass’ technology, Sisense’s data analytics software allows every user to easily discover meaningful business insights – no PhD required.

Sisense is a fine – dare I say, badass – app that average and highly skilled business analysts are sure to appreciate.

John Jakovich, VP of Business Intelligence

Sisense Isn’t About Being Different.
It’s About Being Better.

Sure, Sisense was the first data analytics platform on the market to offer a single-stack solution. And, yes, our In-Chip analytics provides the fastest analytical processing power on the planet. But our goal was never to be different, just better. Better for customers, better for users… better for business.

The Sisense Difference

Sisense’s end-to-end, agile BI platform is built to eliminate the barriers between users and the business analytics software they need to make smarter, faster data-driven decisions.

1 Open,

End-to-end BI software: Database, ETL, Analytics, Visualizations

Open API framework allows customization to meet your needs.


Best-in-class analytics engine, 10-100x faster than in-memory.

Easily tears through terabytes of data.

Eliminates onerous data prep work.


Smarter insights augmented by machine learning anomaly detection.


Delivery of insights beyond the dashboard.

Cutting edge technology to easily engage business users – bots, alerting, IoT and more.

Don’t Change the Rules.
Change the Game.

See how Sisense makes it easy for every user (even non-technical ones) to uncover game-changing business insights.

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The Sisense Difference

Wondering what sets us apart? Gartner Peer Insights’ reviewers tell it in their own words…

(Rating: 4.53 – ‎222 reviews as of 2/28/18 in the Analytics & BI Platform market)

Chris Columb

When I see the bulb change, I get a real sense of satisfaction. It’s a direct way for us to see how data is changing and gives me peace of mind because I can see a light change rather than monitoring a screen.


Founder & CEO


“Easy to implement and great support on boarding. Great customer focus.

Luke Evans

Sisense really helped us to get over that hump and to allow the staff to focus on analytics rather than struggling to put data together in Excel and do graphs manually every single time.

Jeremy Gerson

Support Team Leader

Wir stehen immer vor der Herausforderung, den ROI für unser Produkt zu verbessern, und manchmal kann dies eine Herausforderung sein, da alle unsere Kunden so unterschiedliche Szenarien haben. Mit Sisense gibt es jedoch wirklich einen offensichtlichen ROI.

James Tickner

Wir lieben an Sisense, dass unsere Kunden damit Daten einfach und unkompliziert analysieren und bearbeiten können.

Brent Allen

Director of Infrastructure and WebOps

Wenn jemand Antworten auf eine Frage braucht, sagen wir inzwischen nur noch “Sisense it!”.