The Embedded Analytics Platform 
For Products and Services

An open and API-first platform that lets you avoid long implementation times and build custom analytic apps for product differentiation and new revenue streams — in any product, any device.

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Turn Data into Data Products

Product teams can now be free to do what they do best — create value for their clients by enabling data-driven decision making and self-service analysis instead of worrying about analytics development and deployment. Sisense, with its open and API-first architecture, makes it incredibly easy for product teams to build and scale custom actionable analytic apps and seamlessly integrate them into other applications, opening up new revenue streams and providing a powerful competitive advantage.

Embed and White Label

Sisense is the only embedded analytics platform built from the ground up to provide both agility and performance with scale. With Sisense, product teams can drastically reduce their time to market, lower their TCO, and develop an embedded analytics solution that works for specific business and architecture needs.

Deploy and Adapt Quickly

Eliminate the need for long, complex deployment and customization processes to launch seamlessly integrated embedded analytics tailored to specific business requirements.

Fully Extensible and Customizable

Add or enhance functionality using powerful JavaScript APIs and Plugin Framework; automate processes and integrate with other systems via REST APIs; build bespoke actionable analytic apps with HTML, CSS, and Actions SDK with Sisense BloX; deliver a consistent brand experience with white labeling; and jumpstart development with the Sisense Marketplace.

Embed Everywhere

Deliver insights at the point of decision making. Embed Sisense within your application using iFrames or the SisenseJS library; deliver a fully white-labeled, standalone application on any device; or leverage IoT devices like Amazon Alexa, bots, or lightbulbs to go beyond traditional modes of consumption.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy Sisense on the cloud or on-premises using Linux or Windows. Or use our managed services in a single-tenant, multi-tenant or hybrid deployment. Seamlessly fit Sisense into your deployment workflow and maintain a robust environment with Sisense monitoring.

Simplify Complexity

Sisense simplifies developing, managing, and scaling your embedded analytics solution so that you can focus on driving value.

Unparalleled Scalability

Sisense’s groundbreaking, proprietary In-Chip® technology and scalable, memory-optimized columnar database ensure that you can scale data and users as you grow without compromising performance.

Robust Governance

Integrate with existing authentication systems and your system of records to ensure that users have the right privilege, access, and security restrictions — manually or programmatically. Monitor performance and track usage at the individual, team, or organization level.

Unified Data Management

Connect and mash up multiple data sources into reusable data models or connect directly to live data through the Elastic Data Hub for a unified view of data for analysis and governance.

Drive Impact

Launch rapidly and leverage Sisense’s flexibility to create market differentiation and generate revenue.

Fast Time to Market

Bring analytics to market quickly with Sisense’s unique, agile, logical mashup layer, and ease of use throughout. All implementations are supported by an onboarding process focused on going live.

New Streams of Revenue

Leverage Sisense’s flexible architecture to generate additional revenue and ROI through a wide range of business models like pre-built dashboards, governed self service, or Insights as a Service (IaaS).

True Partnership

From launch to the scaling of your embedded analytics solution, Sisense is invested in your organization’s business outcome, ROI, and value provided. We make sure you have personalized onboarding, dedicated customer success, and outcome-oriented consulting.

Learn How These Companies Drive Their Entire Business with Sisense Embedded Analytics


Tessitura embedded white label analytics into their application, and custom built functionality to show a dynamic context-sensitive data dictionary and write-back functionality, using Javascript APIs.


Orion went from concept to production for over a 1,000 users in just 75 days. With over 98% of clients adopting the new tool, Orion has seen their business double since the rollout.


Deployed at every new customer and supporting thousands of end users (and still growing), the implementation supports billions of records, with every new customer buying access.


TIAA’s call center agents improved their customer interactions with the ability to slice, dice, and explore their data in real time with little to no training.

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The Sisense Difference

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BI Analyst


„Großartiges Supportteam, intuitive Plattform und Analysetools. Ein Unternehmen, dem Sie vertrauen können. Wunderbare Mitarbeiter, die Ihnen jederzeit behilflich sind.“




„Das Dashboard-Design hat es mir ermöglicht, innerhalb weniger Minuten sehr effektive Dashboards zu gestalten, während wir bei anderen Lösungen, die wir geprüft haben, sehr viele Hindernisse zu durchlaufen hatten.“


Data and Analytics


„Die Anwenderfreundlichkeit dieses Produkts und die Robustheit unterscheiden sie deutlich von ihren Konkurrenten.”


Data Analyst


„Es ist nett, ein Produkt-/Plattformwachstum im Zeitverlauf zu haben, seine Grundfunktionen mit sinnvollen weiteren Funktionen zu erweitern und zukunftssicher zu bleiben.

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