Beta Release Date: February 8, 2017

New Features and Improvements

Introducing Sisense Live Connect

  • Access, govern and visualize live data directly from SQL Server and MySql for an immediate view of your data
  • Present live and ElastiCube data in the same dashboard for a more complete analysis
  • Refresh widgets with live data automatically or manually from the Sisense Web Application
  • For more information, click here

To see how you can connect to live data sources, check out this video demo.

Enhanced Sisense Reports

  • Transform dashboards into professional, and easy-to-read PDF reports
  • Control how dashboards look and feel with predefined paper sizes and customized headers
  • Preview reports from the Report Settings window before sharing
  • For more information, click here

To see how you can generate beautiful PDF reports, check out this video demo.

New Sisense Migration Capabilities

  • Easily copy dashboards across environments from the Sisense Web Application
  • Import and export multiple dashboards in a single .dash file
  • For more information, click here

To see several examples of how you can migrate Sisense dashboards, check out this video demo.

Dashboard Enhancements

  • Perform operations (export/delete/copy to server) on multiple dashboards and folders at once
  • Support for filters from multiple data sources in the same dashboard

Mobile Filters

  • New filtering functionality included in the Sisense mobile app. Contact us for the beta version of the Sisense Mobile app

Data Connectors


  • ElastiCube performance enhancements
    • Parallelization of Join operations for faster queries
    • Background Garbage-Collection for increased memory efficiency
  • Many more REST API  capabilities (Documentation)
  • More PSM.exe commands added for automating ElastiCube model changes (Documentation)
  • Internationalization and Localization Updates
    • Support for Italian added
    • Translate more Sisense metadata including widget titles, dashboard names, and folder names (Documentation)
  • Windows 2016 is now supported

Selected Bug Fixes

  • After upgrading to Sisense V6.5, some previous users added from Active Directory could not access Sisense
  • Inner arrays in Custom REST Connectors were not handled as expected for certain data sources
  • In certain scenarios, .ecdata files associated with a connector that were exported required the connector to be installed on the recipient server
  • Exported CSV files with certain escape characters were not displayed as expected
  • Calendar heatmap widgets were not displayed correctly when uBlock was installed
  • When cancelling a loading dashboard, the Refresh and Close buttons were not displayed

More features that will be released with 6.6 (but are not part of the beta):

  • Modify footers and pagination in Sisense reports
  • More supported data sources for Sisense Live:
    • Postgress
    • Redshift


Sisense Live Connect:

The current features are not supported by live connections:

  • Pulse alerts
  • Bow & Whisker and Heatmaps
  • R is not currently supported
  • Some functions are not currently supported

Sisense Reports:

The current plug-ins are not supported in Sisense Reports:

  • Accordion
  • Forecasting