Analyst, Scientist, or Specialist? Choosing Your Data Job Title

In The Future of Work, we explore how companies are transforming to stay competitive as global collaboration becomes vital....

SQL, Python, and R — Why You Need a Unified Analytics Stack

Python, R, and Analytics SQL is a critical skill for business intelligence. From accessing to transforming to reporting on...

Scott Castle avatar image Scott Castle
BI Best Practices | 5 min read

Answering Deeper Data Questions with SQL, Python, and R Together

To understand how businesses in the future will create the most value with data, it helps to take a...

Tom O'Neill avatar image Tom O'Neill

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Sisense News | 5 min read

Sisense & Periscope Data: A Merger Made in Data Heaven

I am incredibly proud and excited that Periscope Data is combining forces with Sisense in a merger that makes...

Amir Orad avatar image Amir Orad
Analyze with Insight Miner
Tech Talk | 7 min read

Avoiding Obvious Insights Using Analyze With Insight Miner

Analyze with Insight Miner is a technology developed by Sisense that uses machine learning to identify statistically important insights in...

Ayelet Arditi avatar image Ayelet Arditi
Tech Talk | 7 min read

The Case for Automated ETL vs Manual Coding

Since the emergence of the first automated ETL tools, the data science community has debated the merits of using...

Chris Meier avatar image Chris Meier
Data Roles
Tech Talk | 5 min read

6 Types of Data Roles…Explained Through Star Wars Characters

Princess Leia: At least the information in R2 is still intact. Han Solo: What’s so important? What’s he carrying?...

Shelby Blitz avatar image Shelby Blitz
BI Best Practices | 3 min read

12 Websites & Blogs Every Data
Analyst Should Follow

While demand for data analysts is at an all-time high, the online community still leaves some to be desired....

Shelby Blitz avatar image Shelby Blitz
Tech Talk | 7 min read

Q&A: What are Data Scientists – And Are They Here to Stay?

Data scientists might have been awarded Harvard Business Review’s “sexiest job title” just five years ago, but with the data...

Shelby Blitz avatar image Shelby Blitz
Data Preparation
Tech Talk | 7 min read

How to Supercharge Your Business Analytics Using R

The following is an excerpt from our recent webinars on using advanced statistics to boost business performance. You can...

Shelby Blitz avatar image Shelby Blitz
Anthony Hopkins
Tech Talk | 6 min read

What Can Anthony Hopkins Teach You About Machine Learning?

If you’re a regular here on the Sisense blog, you’re probably pretty comfortable with terms like ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘cognitive...

Shelby Blitz avatar image Shelby Blitz
Business Perspectives | 1 min read

Infographic: 12 Quotes on Data Science from Thought Leaders

Data Science is everywhere. The explosive growth of the digital world requires professionals with not just strong skills, but...

Guest avatar image Guest
unstructured data
BI Best Practices | 6 min read

From Operations to Insights: Business Analytics Meets NoSQL

The following is an excerpt from our recent webinar: From Operations to Insights with MongoDB. You can watch the...

Sisense avatar image Sisense
Tech Talk | 4 min read

6 Tips for Being an Awesome Data Scientist

In 2012, Harvard Business Review cited data scientist as the sexiest job of the 21st century. Just two months...

Scott Castle avatar image Scott Castle