The Sisense data and analytics platform for:
Business Analysts

Deliver analytics insights that drive positive outcomes and provide business users with independent ways to gain new insights.

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Rapidly Respond to Business Requests with Sisense

Sisense Advanced Analytics

Adapt and respond to business requests without starting an IT project

Sisense AI for Analytics

Reduce manual steps and processes to generate insights

Sisense Data Discovery

Analyze KPI performance against trends, patterns, or anomalies

Sisense Dashboards

Create business logic and complex calculations using any data source combination

Sisense Manage Data for Analytics

Automate and customize
reporting for all

Sisense Data Filters for Analytics

Drill down on KPIs
all the way to record level

Top Reasons Business Analysts Choose Sisense

Mitch Siwy

Sr. BI Data Analyst

We’ve taken a traditional spreadsheet/Excel approach and transformed it into an analytical atmosphere both internally and externally for our customers. This is really impactful for a supply chain when every second counts.

Craig Schrimsher

Director of Dealer Development and Demand Analytics

Prior to Sisense, my team’s day-to-day was spent creating reports. The entire process would take the better part of the beginning of every month, leaving them with only a couple weeks to focus on other work. With Sisense, these reports are done in minutes allowing my team to focus on other core parts of the business.

Malinda Jepsen

BI Expert

When I could go from concept to being in production with over 1000 users in just 75 days, that was just – something unheard of! That was probably my biggest excitement over the whole project.

An older man business analyst with a gray blazer, Clark Kent glasses, and salt-and-pepper beard.

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Sisense Is a Leader in Analytics and BI

Value delivered, early innovation, and customer success are what make us the leading Visionary in the Magic Quadrant.
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Sisense earned top rankings from customers for ease of use, ease of doing business with, and quality of support.
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Forrester Wave Report Names Sisense a Leader

Leader for Enterprise BI for both on-prem and in the cloud. Recognized for complex data, innovation in augmented analytics, and breadth of use cases.
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Dresner Names Sisense an Overall Leader

Overall Leader for customer experience and credibility with high scores for value and integrity put us consistently above the rest.
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