Sisense Customer Agreement

The Customer Agreement sets forth the terms applicable to all subscriptions for Sisense products and services, and is available at the link below. The Customer Agreement is supplemented with addenda specific to the products and services as are applicable to the relevant Sales Order. For legal terms in effect for purchases prior to July 2020, please see the information at the link at the bottom of this page.

Customer Agreement:
Customer Agreement

Sisense for Product Teams ("PT") Addendum:
PT Product Addendum

Sisense for Business Intelligence & Analytics (“BI&A) Addendum:
BI&A Product Addendum

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams (“CDT”) Addendum:
CDT Product Addendum

Sisense Cloud Addendum:
Sisense Cloud Addendum

Sisense Support Services Terms for BI&A and PT (see CDT Product Addendum for CDT Support Services Terms):
Support Services Addendum

Sisense Professional Services Terms:
Professional Services Addendum

For terms and conditions applicable to purchases of Sisense products and services prior to July 2020, please see the documents available at the following link:
Agreement Forms for Pre-July 2020 purchases