Build Impactful Insights with Powerful Analysis Tools

Refine analysis on any value and perform complex calculations with robust business analysis tools.

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Connect Data From Multiple Sources
to Reveal the Best Insights

Rapidly respond to requests from your organization by delivering insights and analysis across your entire current and historical dataset on the fly. Empower everyone to intuitively ask advanced questions of the data, gain new insights, and drive user adoption.

Analyze All Your Data Without Limits

  • Easily incorporate multiple data sources into a single data model or add new data sources to governed models to quickly try new ideas
  • Combine fields from multiple data sources together in calculations or statistical formulas
  • Use any field as a filter, variable, or condition to refine your calculations to any level of data granularity, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of your data

Rapidly Respond to Business Requests

  • Quickly create beautiful, fully interactive dashboards from data with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop web UI
  • Quickly deliver historical context that informs future decisions by delivering time-based analysis with a single click
  • Drill into KPIs to any level of granularity to discover new or unexpected relationships in your data

Operationalize Insights Across the Organization

  • Continually guide business decisions with governed, customizable reports based on scheduled intervals
  • Eliminate report fatigue and deliver only the most relevant insights with end-user options for customized reports
  • Drive further engagement with AI-powered alerts on changes to KPIs

Sisense gave me the ability to pull in data from different sources, manipulate all of that data in one place, and present it simply in one chart or graph. It’s really cool and powerful.

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Power to the Business Analyst

Have questions that need answers? We’ve got the solution!
The Sisense Data and Analytics Platform empowers business analysts to rapidly respond to business needs, delivering complex business analysis and beautiful visualizations that anyone can use to intuitively ask advanced questions and gain new insights.

Answer questions quickly without spending a lot of time going back to the drawing board again and again.

Sisense data models let you rapidly explore all your current and historical data in detail to reveal the complete picture regardless of data size, source, or structure.

Scale and deliver rapid analytical responses regardless of changing requirements.

Sisense data models can reflect multiple data sources and hundreds of columns and tables — allowing you to quickly iterate analysis without changing the underlying model.

Create custom business logic that incorporates any data source in your model using existing Excel-like functionality and familiarity.

Easily combine fields from multiple data sources into a calculation. Use any field, variable, or condition to refine your calculations to any level of data granularity.

Rapidly develop KPIs and provide context against historical trends to gain more trust from the data.

Instantly deliver today’s insights in the context of historical trends, patterns, or anomalies, using menu-driven, time-based analysis tools.

Seamlessly create and schedule reports from any dashboard, and ensure they can be adopted to prevent report fatigue.

Easily schedule and manage report distribution based on defined parameters. Business users can personalize their experience or apply AI-powered alert notifications to drive overall user adoption.

Ensure data security is set up once and automatically applied to all dashboards and reports according to each business user’s permission.

Efficiently scale the right insights for all users or groups by defining data security in the data model once. Sisense automatically applies the right governance wherever analytics are consumed.

Tools for Business Analysts

Discover the insights locked in your governed or local data with these capabilities:

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