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Janette Kosior

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Janette has been in the technology industry for the past twenty years as a product marketing and product management professional. She is currently the Head of Product Marketing at Sisense.
Uncategorized @en-gb | 4 min read

What Happens When You Put Hundreds of BI Experts in One Room?

Last week we wrapped up the second day of our global, two-day client conference: Eureka!. Our sold-out event brought together...

Janette Kosior avatar image Janette Kosior

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Gartner Data and Analytics Summit Grapevine
Business Perspectives | 3 min read

An Inside Look at the Latest BI Trends From the Gartner Summit

We are living in the age of analytics. Modern businesses want to analyze all aspects of an organization, from...

Janette Kosior avatar image Janette Kosior