Better Data Requests = Better Data Results

Building a Data-Driven Future It’s important for everyone at a company to have the data they need to make...

how to reduce insight erosion
BI Best Practices | 3 min read

How to Reduce Insight Erosion in Collaborative Data Analysis

A Shared Goal The goal of analyzing data is to translate insights into action, to combine the strengths of...

Britton Stamper avatar image Britton Stamper
embed sdk featured image
BI Best Practices | 6 min read

Embed Fully-Integrated Analytic Apps Fast with Embed SDK

Imagine this scenario: you are trying to improve the stickiness and adoption of your application by delivering additional value...

Shruthi Panicker avatar image Shruthi Panicker

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load testing featured image
BI Best Practices | 5 min read

How to Conduct Performance Load Testing for Analytics

Every new product or software sounds great on paper. But what happens when the rubber meets the road? No...

Amir Rothschild avatar image Amir Rothschild
BI Best Practices | 4 min read

How To Calculate Average Sales

Why Measure Average Sales?How To Calculate?A Variant Average Sales CalculationOther KPIs You Can Include No matter what industry you’re...

Dana Liberty avatar image Dana Liberty
Streamline reporting featured image
BI Best Practices | 6 min read

How to Streamline Report Management to Enhance Your Data-Driven Business

A critical part of effectively exploring your data, transforming it into actionable insights, and enhancing decision-making for your business...

Scott Malish avatar image Scott Malish
Cybersecurity blog image
BI Best Practices | 4 min read

Cybersecurity Starts with You: Celebrating National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Ensuring safety and privacy in today’s online environment is an enormous task. It’s way too much for a single...

Ty Sbano avatar image Ty Sbano
How to Plan a Successful BI Project
BI Best Practices | 7 min read

How to Plan a Successful BI Project (and Manage it)

A Three-Step Guide for BI Professionals Launching a new business intelligence initiative or project can be tricky: while we’re...

Hila Kantor avatar image Hila Kantor
cloud data engineer
BI Best Practices | 4 min read

Data Engineering Today: All About the Cloud

When “data engineer” first started becoming a vital role for tech companies, the world was a smaller, simpler place....

Lio Fleishman avatar image Lio Fleishman
BI Best Practices | 5 min read

Dashboard Design Best
Practices – 4 Key Principles

Poor Design Choices1. 5 Second Rule2. Logical Layout3. Minimalism4. Choosing Data VisualisationWhat Else to Consider Building an effective dashboard...

Ilan Hertz avatar image Ilan Hertz
BI Best Practices | 5 min read

5 Steps to Data-Driven Business Decisions

Step 1: StrategyStep 2: Identify key areasStep 3: Data targetingStep 4: Collecting and analysing Step 5: Action Items Want...

Elana Roth avatar image Elana Roth
BI Best Practices | 4 min read

5 Techniques to Take Your Data Analysis to Another Level

Quantitative vs. QualitativeMeasuring QuantitativeMeasuring Qualitative Implementing a Business Intelligence suite in your organisation is about more than simply collecting...

Dana Liberty avatar image Dana Liberty
BI Best Practices | 10 min read

14 Useful Ways to Visualise Your Data (with Examples)

What is data visualisation?IndicatorLineBarColumnPieAreaPivotScatterBubbleTreemapPolarArea MapFunnelFisheye Think your visualisation skills are ahead of the pack? Skip ahead to the bonus...

Shelby Blitz avatar image Shelby Blitz
BI Best Practices | 8 min read

Answering Complex Usage Questions with Product Analytics

Measuring engagement with a business product is difficult. Users often spend hours per day in a business tool where...

Scott Castle avatar image Scott Castle
BI Best Practices | 8 min read

Five Steps for Building a Successful BI Strategy

We’ve been talking a lot recently about companies needing to use their data in order to stay in business...

Yonatan Landau avatar image Yonatan Landau