Building a Better Developer Documentation Portal

The new Sisense Developer Portal looks great and is built from the ground up for developers.

SQL Cheat sheet
Tech Talk | 6 min read

SQL Cheat Sheet & Query Syntax

When you are new to programming in SQL, you will come across a lot of hard-to-search-for character operators. This guide will make your life much simpler!

Sisense Data Team avatar image Sisense Data Team
Tech Talk | 4 min read

MTD, QTD, and YTD Values Explained

What is MTD?What is QTD?What is YTD?Why are these useful?How do I calculate? Are you trying to find a...

Shelby Blitz avatar image Shelby Blitz

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Diabetes Prediction Using Support Vector Machines
Tech Talk | 9 min read

Diabetes Prediction Using Support Vector Machines

In a previous post, we learned what Machine Learning (ML) classification problems are, we saw how Naive Bayes was...

Govind Rajagopalan avatar image Govind Rajagopalan
load testing featured image
Tech Talk | 6 min read

How to Conduct Performance Load Testing for Analytics

Everyone wants to get more out of their data, but how exactly to do that can leave you scratching...

Amir Rothschild avatar image Amir Rothschild
CASE WHEN Statements
Tech Talk | 2 min read

CASE WHEN Statements

Overview CASE WHEN statements provide great flexibility when dealing with buckets of results or when you need to find...

Skip Reagor avatar image Skip Reagor
Knowledge Graph
Tech Talk | 5 min read

Knowledge Graphs – Why Every Company Needs Them

If you’ve come across a knowledge graph recently, then you know what I’m talking about when I say that...

Yael Lev avatar image Yael Lev
cloud data engineer
BI Best Practices | 4 min read

Data Engineering Today: All About the Cloud

When “data engineer” first started becoming a vital role for tech companies, the world was a smaller, simpler place....

Lio Fleishman avatar image Lio Fleishman
Transposing Tables Using Python Pandas
Tech Talk | 1 min read

Transposing Tables Using Python Pandas

Pandas makes transposing tables beautifully simple! Read on for a couple examples using the example SQL output below: This...

Neha Kumar avatar image Neha Kumar
Tech Talk | 4 min read

SQL Cheat Sheet: Retrieving Column Description in SQL Server

About sys.tablesAbout sys.columnsAbout sys.types In SQL Server, details regarding a specific table column (e.g., column name, column id, column...

Sisense avatar image Sisense
Tech Talk | 4 min read

5 Techniques to Take Your Data Analysis to Another Level

Quantitative vs. QualitativeMeasuring QuantitativeMeasuring Qualitative Implementing a Business Intelligence suite in your organisation is about more than simply collecting...

Dana Liberty avatar image Dana Liberty
Tech Talk | 3 min read

Deliver AI-Powered Analytic Apps on Cloud-Native Sisense

Introducing Sisense Release Q3 2019 Just over two years ago, our CEO, Amir Orad, delivered an internal announcement that...

Julie Zuckerman avatar image Julie Zuckerman
BI Best Practices | 5 min read

Answering Deeper Data Questions with SQL, Python, and R Together

To understand how businesses in the future will create the most value with data, it helps to take a...

Tom O'Neill avatar image Tom O'Neill
How to Build a Modern Data Stack
Tech Talk | 4 min read

How to Build a Modern Data Stack

With all of the recent acquisitions in the BI industry (ours included), there has never been a more critical...

Britton Stamper avatar image Britton Stamper
Periscope Data by Sisense Summer Release 2019
Tech Talk | 1 min read

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams Summer Release 2019: Accelerate Your Analytics Workflow with Data Engine

Data teams are faced with the challenge of transforming raw data into analysis that is accurate and comprehensible. Ideally,...

Amy Lin avatar image Amy Lin