The Advanced Analytics Platform For Data Teams

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams (previously Periscope Data) empowers data teams to quickly connect to cloud data sources, then explore and analyze data in a matter of minutes. Extend cloud investments with the Sisense analytics platform to build, embed, and deploy analytics at scale.

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Get Deeper Insights with Powerful Tools for Advanced Analytics

With increasing volumes and complexity of data, the process of transforming raw data into actionable insights requires more powerful tools. Sisense for Cloud Data Teams (previously Periscope Data) provides data teams with the ability to build cloud data pipelines, perform advanced analysis using languages they already know like SQL, Python, and R, and create advanced, custom visualizations to easily share insights.

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Build Cloud Data Pipelines

Easily connect to your cloud data sources and increase visibility and control over your entire data pipeline.

Connect to Cloud Data Sources

Securely connect and ingest data into cloud data warehouses to create a single store for your data.

Optimize Performance

Reduce query run times from hours to seconds by materializing views with high complexity directly back into your cloud data warehouse, such as Redshift or Snowflake.

Manage Compute Costs

Reduce compute costs with flexible view scheduling options that give you full control over when and how often your data is refreshed.

Perform Advanced Analytics

Advance from reporting on the past to predicting future KPI movement with powerful tools for advanced analytics.

Powerful Editors Built by Experts for Experts

Powerful features including query revision history, autocomplete, formatting, snippets, and exploration mode enable you to go from query to answer in seconds. The built-in Summary Statistics functionality helps you quickly understand data at a glance to identify patterns, relationships, and unexpected values.

SQL, Python, and R

With support for SQL, R, and Python in the same environment, you can perform predictive analytics, natural language processing, and data preparation for machine learning on a single platform using your language of choice. Create advanced, highly customizable visualizations using Python libraries or R packages such as

Version Control

With the Git integration, data teams get a sophisticated version control system, release management workflows, and file-level access to all user-generated content. Automate and manage changes by syncing all user-generated content through Git, using GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, or your own Git server.

Flexibility to Model as You Go

Explore modeled and raw data to answer unpredicted questions in minutes, reusing common code snippets to avoid timely rebuilds.

Model in Real Time

Answer complex and ambiguous business questions without having to rebuild any upfront models. Data teams can query data directly from the source to get answers fast, even if the source data or assumptions have changed.

Join with Modeled Data

Augment modeled data with new insights from ad hoc analysis to quickly iterate on hypotheses and uncover new insights for the business.

Reuse Analysis

Centralize frequently used in-house code and logic using snippets and views to easily collaborate with the rest of your team. Data teammates are up-leveled to work on more impactful projects, without having to start each new question from scratch.

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