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Charles Holive
Managing Director- Strategy
Consulting Business

Play to Win in the Analytic Apps Economy

In most industries, and in healthcare, in particular, innovation is fueled by a thriving analytic apps economy, a bustling marketplace in which companies develop proprietary technologies to extract actionable insights from the data they create and manage for their customers. Today, we see numerous examples of how executives, business leaders, and Chief Data Officers are leading the way in generating new value and revenue for their customers with analytics products and services. Companies that aren’t taking advantage of this trend will be left behind.

Read more in the article published in MedCityNews.

Sisense End to End Analytics for Healthcare

Balancing Ease of Use and Complex Data in the Healthcare Industry

The Sisense Data & Analytics Platform helps unlock the power of data across health systems
and institutions with healthcare data analytics. Create analytics apps for any type of end-
user, technical or not, with the ability to embed insights directly into the end-users’
workflow. Sisense handles complex data in healthcare with the following use cases:

Medical Devices

Turn data from medical devices and systems into Analytics-as-a-Service


Embed value across the patient lifecycle


Increase patient outcomes with more accuracy


Optimize the cost of value-based care and achieve a healthy bottom line