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Evan Castle

Head of Market Intelligence & Strategy @Evan View articles
Evan Castle, Head of Market Intelligence & Strategy, has spent the past decade at the intersection of Big Data, Analytics, and Marketing.
Digital Transformation | 5 min read

Why Analytics Are Essential in Times of Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis makes artful decision-making imperative. Now is the time to apply the full force of business intelligence to help navigate growing uncertainty.

Evan Castle avatar image Evan Castle

Waking Up The World of Big Data

The term “Big Data” has lost its relevance. The fact remains, though: every dataset is becoming a Big Data...

Evan Castle avatar image Evan Castle

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Topo techno | 3 min read

Two Approaches to Scalable Database Design

Any form of application used for data analysis is stringently dependant on its ability to retrieve queries fast. However,...

Evan Castle avatar image Evan Castle
Topo techno | 6 min read

6 Questions to Ask When Preparing Data for Analysis

Data preparation is perhaps the most important step in any type of serious data analysis. And while it would...

Evan Castle avatar image Evan Castle

6 Signs Your Enterprise Business Intelligence Software Is Below Par

What makes a BI solution enterprise-ready? Or, by the same token, what warning signs tell you immediately that your BI...

Evan Castle avatar image Evan Castle
Sisense News | 1 min read

Introducing New Version: Sisense 5.5

Sisense 5.5 introduces self-service business intelligence that makes managing self-service for multiple users and data sources simple, without requiring any...

Evan Castle avatar image Evan Castle