Building Data Dashboards for Business Professionals

Building beautiful, functional dashboards doesn't happen by accident! We walk you through dashboard building best practices in this informative post.

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load testing featured image
Topo techno | 6 min read

How to Conduct Performance Load Testing for Analytics

Everyone wants to get more out of their data, but how exactly to do that can leave you scratching...

Amir Rothschild avatar image Amir Rothschild

How To Calculate Average Sales

Why Measure Average Sales?How To Calculate?A Variant Average Sales CalculationOther KPIs You Can Include No matter what industry you’re...

Dana Liberty avatar image Dana Liberty

14 manières pratiques de visualiser vos données (exemples à l’appui)

Qu’est-ce que la visualisation de données ?IndicateurGraphique linéaireHistogrammeDiagramme à colonnesDiagramme circulaireGraphique en airesPivotNuage de pointsGraphique à bullesCarte proportionnelleDiagramme polaireCarte des...

Shelby Blitz avatar image Shelby Blitz
Data Connectors to make building analytic apps easier
Topo techno | 5 min read

5 techniques pour passer à la vitesse supérieure en matière d’analyse de données

Données quantitatives VS données qualitativesMesurer les données quantitativesMesurer les données qualitatives Mettre en place une suite logicielle dédiée à...

Dana Liberty avatar image Dana Liberty
Unlock Complex Data | 5 min read

Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics — Know the Difference

Business Analytics (BA) and Business Intelligence (BI) both provide tools for handling and making sense of your data. Learn the distinctions between these two terms.

Elana Roth avatar image Elana Roth