Data Without Boundaries

Actionable BI that goes beyond the dashboard

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Welcome to the Future of Business Intelligence

The next generation of BI isn’t siloed in systems or dependent on dashboards. Instead, insights appear instantly, making it easier to see change and take action.

From alerts and insight-enabled devices to native-language queries, Sisense data analytics software delivers BI with more impact than ever you ever thought possible.

Discover Insights, Instantly

Imagine if instead of seeking out BI insights, they came to you.
Sisense includes a variety of ways to help you discover insights instantly. And this is just the beginning.

Pulse Alerts

Receive automatic alerts for your
most important KPIs

Mobile Alerts

Enable BI on the go with secure
mobile access

Sisense Narratives

Automatically translate complex visualizations into meaningful insights

Amazon Echo

Ask Alexa for real-time responses
to your data questions


Automate workflows so you can
get more done

Don’t Change the Rules.
Change the Game.

See how Sisense makes it easy for every user (even non-technical ones) to
uncover game-changing business insights.

See Sisense in Action

Brent Allen

Bulb is the KPI you don’t need to load on your screen. It’s a physical piece that’s simply part of your life, a powerful way of telling you whether things are going well.

James Tickner

Senior Director of Analytics Product Development

What we love about Sisense is that it offers our customers a way to easily dissect and manipulate the data.

Chris Columb

When I see the bulb change, I get a real sense of satisfaction. It’s a direct way for us to see how data is changing and gives me peace of mind because I can see a light change rather than monitoring a screen.