HR Analytics

Higher-Performing Analytics for Higher Performing HR Organizations

The Sisense HR Analytics platform provides a self-service solution that meets the dynamic and ever-changing requirements that HR organizations face within a hyper-competitive talent market.

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Analytics Solution

Build Higher-Performing Teams with Complete Visibility into the Employee Lifecycle

Unlock the power of data across all your HR systems and software and get complete visibility into critical metrics across the employee experience, from recruitment to promotion.

Connect Disparate Data
Connect to a broad range of data sources, and easily combine and transform data, making it accessible to support your entire analytics strategy.
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Do-it-Yourself Analytics
Built with non-technical users in mind, providing an intuitive user interface from data prep to building dashboards, minimal IT assistance needed.
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Secure Sensitive Data
Receive granular control over exactly what data within the data source(s) is viewable by certain users.
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Turn HR Analytics into Business Results

Sisense HR analytics software brings you complete visibility into the employee lifecycle by analyzing recruitment, employee performance, training, development, and retention.

Workforce Planning
Ensure hiring is aligned with business goals

Learning & Development
Measure the effectiveness of employee development initiatives

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Talent Acquisition
Increase the ability to attract and hire top talent in a competitive market

Performance Management
Understand all factors that impact performance

HR Analytics Dashboards:
The Key to Higher-Performing Organizations

How Can We Track and Measure Important HR Metrics?

How Can We make Our Hiring Process More Efficient?

How Can We see if the Salary We Offer is Fair and Competitive?

How Can We Measure and Reduce the Employee Turnover Rate?

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Jeremy Gerson

Support Team Leader

We are always faced with the challenge of proving ROI for our product and sometimes it can be a challenge because all our customers have such different scenarios. But it’s really obvious right there, using Sisense, that there is clear ROI

Brent Allen

Sisense’s performance was clear when we saw how quickly we could put together a Sisense cube. The product itself was just so easy to deploy, it amazed us.

Emanuele Nardo

The core benefit of Sisense lies in its pairing of a user-friendly interface with its secure data infrastructure.

Ian Clark

Today everything is in the dashboard and the team can get the answers they need directly and start acting on those insights faster than it would have taken me to even document their request!