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Combine the data scalability of AWS with the power of Sisense analytics and business intelligence to deliver insights that everyone in your organization can access.

  • Scale your infrastructure as you grow
  • Balance your workload between live and cached data reducing costs of queries
  • Explore all your data on one platform

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Sisense lets you get more out of your AWS products. Whether you use Amazon Athena, Aurora, Redshift, Kenesis Firehose, S3, RDS, DynamoDB, or Redshift Spectrum, Sisense’s analytical abilities let you slice and dice your data in game-changing ways.

Not an AWS customer, or would like a dedicated environment for your analytics? We can help. our managed service runs on AWS. Managed services include automatic upgrades, 24/7 monitoring, high availability, and disaster recovery, all priced to minimize costs as you grow.

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