SQL Analytics: Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks

Put a solid foundation in place for data analytics with the tips in this free guide:

  • Tips for creating the data analytics infrastructure using SQL
  • Foundational concepts 
  • Key SQL guidelines
  • Useful SQL code examples

Why you should read it:

Data is the most important resource for today’s companies. But, like other resources, it can’t be used to create business insights in its raw form; it has to be processed and structured for analytics before it creates real value. For most companies, the way they analyze their data for business is SQL, a language that queries information in a database and transforms it to answer questions that will move the organization forward.

What you will learn:

In this guide, you’ll learn some simple tips for creating data analytics infrastructure using SQL. We’ll go through an explanation of some foundational concepts you’ll need to manipulate your data and make it valuable, with useful SQL code examples at every step along the way.

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