Sisense and AWS – Brochure

Convenience, Power, Insights

Using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to store and analyze your data? Combine the data scalability of AWS with the power of the Sisense Analytics Platform to deliver insights that everyone in your organization can access.

The Sisense Analytics Platform is an easy-to-use, comprehensive foundation for your analytics strategy. Mashup data from anywhere: high-volume, high-complexity sources are no problem. Sisense helps you derive greater value from your data by easily embedding intelligent analytics apps everywhere—from dashboards and web portals to custom applications, chatbots, and Alexa skills—all with the lowest TCO in the industry.

Sisense Analytics and BI works with...

  • Using Amazon Athena to turn SQL requests into queries to retrieve data from Amazon S3? Sisense provides an integrated layer to manage performance, aids in cost control, and helps you uncover deep insights.
  • Sisense lets you mashup transactional data with other data sources for deeper insights, agility, and performance at scale. Find connections between different datasets and effortlessly drill down to learn more.
  • Use Sisense to bring in data from Amazon Redshift Spectrum and other data sources for easier analysis, faster performance, and stable costs in delivering hybrid data models and speedy insights to users.
  • Sisense connects with the Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose to intelligently analyze your streaming data collected in Amazon S3 or Amazon Redshift.

Sisense and Amazon Redshift: Higher Performance, Lower Cost

Performance: Get the best of both worlds by incorporating Live Data Models from Amazon Redshift with cached Elastic Models. Scale your data and infrastructure as you grow with Amazon Redshift, while still enjoying the data exploration you need, on one platform, with a user-friendly interface.

Cost Control: Balance workload between Live and Cached Data models to reduce costs. Rely on Cached Elastic Models for exploratory and complex analysis (with support for high concurrency). Use fast, efficient Live Data Models to analyze data within Amazon Redshift.

Easy Connection, Power Insights

Sisense gives even a non-technical user deep insights into complex data, wherever it lives. no matter which AWS option you use for your data, you'll get the answers you need.

The speed from idea to implementation is slashed when you have everything you need in one organically developed solution.

In-Chip Performance Accelorator®
Proprietary Sisense technology maximizes user performance even as data, apps, and users continue to grow.

Elastic Data Hub
Decouple your data strategy from your analytics strategy with our data abstraction layer designed from the ground up to simplify complexity.

Logical Mashup
Sisense decoupled data model makes it possible to finally combine any number of data sources without flattening your data.

Self-Service 3.0
Sisense empowers more users to do more. Ease of use along every step from data to dashboard ensures that no one needs to go back to the expert to be successful.

3E Rapid Dev Toolkit
Sisense makes it incredibly easy to white-label and embed analytics into your own product or service, extending the power of analytics to your partners and customers.

Sensei AI Engine
AI and machine learning is woven throughout Sisense, enabling automation and augmenting your entire analytical journey.

Proven Customer Obsession
Sisense is committed to our client's success from the very first call. Only a tiny fraction of our revenue comes from Professional Services.

Sisense takes a radically different approach to analytics and business intelligence. We believe that insights should be easily accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of technical ability. We back this belief with a solution that simplifies every step of the BI process for all users—from data preparation to delivery of insights. We pair innovation with an obsession with customer success, enabling organizations to instantly reveal insights from complex data.