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Analytics for Everyone

Work within your favorite messaging platform

As a part of Sisense Labs, Sisense Boto is our next evolution of bots that incorporates machine learning to uncover nuggets of insights in an instant.

Sisense Boto unearths hidden trends and hard-to-detect anomalies from your data that's contained in a CSV or a dashboard. With a click of a button, insights are shared in natural, easy to understand language within your favorite messaging platform.

Getting insights from Sisense Boto requires only a click

No license or even training is required. Simply add Sisense Boto as a contact and get started within a minute.

Sharpen your focus with pattern and anomaly direction, jumpstarting deeper data analysis - from a CSV or a dashboard.

Examine further insights by accessing your Sisense dashboards with Sisense Boto for insights on-the-go.

Strenthen actionable collaboration with your team by adding Sisense boto to a group chat and together you can identify actionable insights.

Disclaimer: Sisense Labs is separate from Sisense R&D product development. Solutions created in Sisense Labs are intended to be tested in staging environments only. These solutions are not intended for production environments.

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