Sisense Jumpstart: On-Site Services – Brochure

Sisense Jumpstart: Go Live Fast with On-Site Onboarding

Sisense Jumpstart gets your organization up and running fast and set up for long-term success through tailored on-site onboarding and hands-on planning.

Fast-Track your BI Journey
Sisense is on hand to enable and support your internal teams at the crucial start of their BI journey. Maximize your analytics software investment with expert help planning and enabling your BI solution.

Launch-Focused Rapid Onboarding
Go live and start deriving value fast with an intensive three-day onsite with your designated BI Consultant. You’ll go from your first set of requirements to dashboards, quickly. The workshop-style setting covers BI methodology and best practices to building your first Data Model, dashboards, and beyond.

Learning through Implementation
Get hands-on training through implementation. Instead of watching videos or playing with dummy data, learn by tackling your high-priority requirements with a trusted guide at your side.

Best Practices Focused
Set yourself up for long-term success by learning and implementing best practices in BI project planning, technical steps, data modeling, and analytic app building.

Planning for Scaling
Get guidance on topics like growth plans, performance, future scaling options, and more, creating a solid foundation you can build on.

Ask Questions, Get Answers From The Source
Pick the brain of your designated BI consultant to get pressing questions answered and be on your way to a successful accelerated deployment.

Sisense: A True Partner in Your Success

Sisense Services are specifically designed for organizations to leverage expertise in Sisense to deliver and scale analytics rapidly. Empower your stakeholders to own and accelerate your BI implementation and deliver consistent, valuable results across your entire organization.

What to Expect from the On-Site Jumpstart

Pre-Workshop Planning
Plan your Workshop with a BI consultant: kick off the project, plan it, discuss requirements and KPIs, plan the first use case and dashboard, and even get started on implementation before meeting on site.

Best Practices
Start off any implementation task with a review of important best practices to keep in mind-from BI methodology to data modeling to dashboard design - to ensure that you can scale with ease.

Iterative Implementation
Build in an agile and iterative fashion to go from KPIs to dashboards quickly. Learn about important Sisense out-of-the-box features and supported plugins to help you drive value and build dashboards to suit your specific business need.

Administering the BI Implementation
Manage the BI implementation seamlessly once assets are created. Get a roundup of Sisense’s Administrative features to ensure you are fully equipped to launch and grow your analytic solution.

Is On-Site Jumpstart Right for You?

If you have a tight go-live date or would like to have a tailored on-site onboarding, Sisense’s On-Site Jumpstart Service can help your teams deliver results quickly.

Talk to us to learn more and explore whether Sisense’s On-Site Jumpstart Service is right for you.