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Cloud-Native Sisense: The End-to-end BI Platform for Enterprise-Grade Apps

The fast-moving world of application development demands an Agile response. The Cloud-Native Sisense Data and Analytics Platform has been purpose-built from the ground up on a Containerized Microservices Architecture that runs on the Linux OS. Coupled with best-of-breed technologies like Docker containers and Kubernetes Orchestration, Cloud-Native Sisense integrates with your Infrastructure-as-Code to enable faster delivery, high-resiliency, and scalability.

Build and manage a future-ready application, designed to scale.

Highly-Available, Scalable, and Resilient
Sisense's modern cloud-native architecture simplifies managing, securing, and scaling applications so that you can worry about driving value. Built-in redundancy, on-demand scaling of data instances, and shared storage options (including external storage like Amazon EFS) ensure that your analytic app is highly-available, scalable, and resilient.

Seamlessly Fits into DevOps Processes
Cloud-Native Sisense is perfect for DevOps processes, whether you’re deploying on the cloud or on-prem as a single-server or multi-server deployment. The modern architecture with Docker and Kubernetes makes it easy to integrate Sisense with your existing Cloud Service like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

Powerful Performance
Marry the power of Sisense’s groundbreaking, proprietary In-Chip® technology and memory-optimized columnar database with the flexibility of the cloud-native architecture, updated data load processing, query caching on live data connectors, distributed shared storage, and more. Cloud-Native Sisense handles scale and complexity without compromising agility.

Cloud-Native Sisense on Linux:
Built on a Strong Foundation

Linux is the natural technology for enabling modern, large-scale, complex applications, particularly on the cloud. Cloud-Native Sisense leverages the security, reliability, scalability, and efficiency that has made this OS a proven winner.

Accelerate Time-To-Market at a Low TCO

With Sisense's Microservices and Containerized architecture, developers can rapidly deploy custom data-driven applications at scale with low TCO. Leverage the cost advantages of Linux servers, best-in-breed open-source tools, and efficient resource utilization to drive down the costs of your analytics deployment even further.

Detailed Monitoring Capabilities
Manage your deployment with on-prem and in-app monitoring via Grafana and Prometheus. See metrics at multiple levels of your analytics deployment with fine-grain views from the system level down to the data instance level.

Automate to Deploy and Scale Rapidly
Deploy Sisense rapidly and with minimal effort to save time, effort, and money. Automate and manage your deployment with Helm and a suite of APIs for rapid deployments and upgrades.

Precise Configuration and Controls
Take full advantage of your deployment with fine-grained configuration and control. Stick with default options or take control and specify your resource utilization levels, min and max data instances, number of cores to be assigned, and more.

Ready to see Cloud-Native Sisense in action?

Need to build a robust system quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively, while delivering an experience that will delight your users? Linux and cloud-native architecture give you flexibility, resiliency, and scalability with great user experience and seamless integration into your deployment workflow—whether on-prem, on a private cloud or a cloud service like AWS and Azure. Take the platform for a test drive to see results.

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