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We are passionate about the company and its success. We are committed to our customers, our teams, and to each other.
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We achieve our goals without compromising on quality. We reinvent ourselves to stay on top of our game.
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We push innovation within the product and within ourselves. Every day we learn something new.
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If we see a gap in something, then we jump in a take ownership. We’re not afraid to make mistakes, rather, we learn from them and make changes.
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We are a unique bunch of people that love to work and play together. We make fun a basic part of every day in every way.

Moonshot your career at Sisense

Matthew Tarricone
Matthew Tarricone

First Role: SDR
Current Role: Customer Success Manager
Sisense Moonshoted my career: I started as an SDR selling over the phones, fighting for demos. It helped me develop a thick skin and never take no for an answer.

Now I see deals renewed that I originated. WOW. The resume I’ve developed here will truly take me places should I decide to go that route. However, I’m here to see where this ride ends.
I chose Sisense because: I was working for a competitor, and Sisense kept coming up in more and more of our deals. After doing some research it was clear that Sisense had the technology for the future. My previous organization is nearly off the MQ now, and I’m still around, pushing the next generation of BI to the world.
Favorite thing about Sisense: I like that everyone is involved in the business. True team effort all around to make things happen.
Advice: If you own a suit, don’t wear it here! Come to work hard and enjoy the ride.

Gal Fabian
Gal Fabian

First Role: Office Manager
Current Role: Global AR Manager
Sisense Moonshoted my career: I was first hired as the office manager setting up a small office (of 18). Then I was offered the job of relocating the entire office (now 100) to our new location.

While the company grew, I took on more roles, and this allowed me to ultimately find a new direction. Sisense recognized my accomplishments and provided me with guidance and opportunity to choose a new career path.
I chose Sisense because: I believed in their vision and was excited to be given the opportunity to take part in such an incredible ride, seeing the progression of our New York location and the company as a whole.
Favorite thing about Sisense: We work hard but know how to have fun together too. There are very strong bonds and it’s incredible to see the smiles and the constant support we give each other.
Advice: If you are looking to join Sisense my advise to you is send us your resume already. You will not regret it.

Ori Sandler
Ori Sandler

First Role: Technical Solution Consultant
Current Role: Regional Head of Technical Customer Support
Sisense Moonshoted my career: I’m in Sisense for over 3 years, and I have had the honor of inventing processes, creating a new support site, and leading the Technical Solution Consultant teams in Israel and Kiev.

I chose Sisense because: While interviewing, I had a week to work with Sisense’s application. I immediately fell in love, believing the product can change BI. I knew I wanted to be a part of that.
Favorite thing about Sisense: Perfect combination of technology and amazing people.
Advice: Be passionate and love what you do. It’s hard work but extremely satisfying.

Gabi Tenenblat
Gabi Tenenblat

First Role: SDR
Current Role: Sales Development Team Lead
Sisense Moonshoted my career: Sisense gave me the tools and education to be a successful SDR. With the guidance of my manager and the Sisense Career programme, I became a Team Lead.

I chose Sisense because: A close friend of mine demanded that I apply for an SDR. He spoke highly of the company, and after feeling the positive atmosphere, I knew I was going to learn a lot from Sisense.
Favorite thing about Sisense: Its a family for me, I have made lifelong friends, and I have found a career.
Advice: It’s not just a workplace, it’s a school for life.

Alon Ahronberg
Alon Ahronberg

First Role: BI Consultant
Current Role: Product Manager
Sisense Moonshoted my career: Sisense gave me the opportunity to combine my two passions: technology and people. Along the way, I sharpened my business skills, led a customer success team, and created and managed important processes. Today, as a Product Manager, I’m able to steer and impact the company’s core product.

I chose Sisense because: A friend of mine was working at Sisense and told me how great this place is. During the interviews, I realized Sisense is led by top quality people with a vision. So, waiting a few months until there was a relevant opening was no brainier!
Favorite thing about Sisense: No doubt it’s the great people.
Advice: You make your own future.

Oren Wenger

First Role: SW Engineer
Current Role: R&D Director
Sisense Moonshoted my career: I’m at Sisense for over 10 years now! Along the way, I’ve had the privilege of shaping Sisense as much as it’s shaped me.

Growing with Sisense, I developed, founded and led development teams, led Sisense UX dept., embedded Agile methodologies as a Chief Product Owner, and much more. Today I’m part of Sisense leadership and serve as an R&D Group Manager, leading Sisense’s flagship products and continuing the BI revolution.
I chose Sisense because: A friend of mine told me there are five guys sitting in a garage doing magic. I reached out and immediately fell in love with them, the atmosphere, the product and the vision. I just knew I found home.
Favorite thing about Sisense: We are still able to keep the unique atmosphere as in the early days with collaborative teams working together, empowered to think, innovate, impact.

Mariana Belinsky
Mariana Belinsky

First Role: SDR
Current Role: Customer Success Manager
Sisense Moonshoted my career: Sisense was my first real job in High Tech. I started as an SDR where they gave me all the tools to be successful.

I understood how much I love the customer experience, so with the guidance of my manager, and help from my colleagues, I was able to join the amazing customer success team.
I chose Sisense because: I heard about Sisense from a close friend. When I met with the management during the interview process, I understood that I wanted to learn and work with these people.
Favorite thing about Sisense: Working in an innovative, forward-thinking company with a talented group of individuals.

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