Data Engine

Data Engine is the flexible, low maintenance solution for data teams, providing visibility and control over their data pipeline.

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Connect to Your Favorite Apps

Create a single source of truth and answer questions faster by easily ingesting from apps like Google AdWords and Marketo and blending data across the organization to create a truly holistic view.


Centralize Analysis in Your Warehouse

After performing your data modeling, Data Engine enables you to materialize those views back into your own warehouse to power future analyses without having to start from scratch each time.

Optimize Query Performance

Better manage compute costs by materializing views that require long run times or have high complexity. You can also fully control data freshness with flexible view scheduling options.

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“Using Sisense for Cloud Data Teams’s Engine with my Snowflake warehouse has been a fast and seamless experience. We can materialize views directly into my Snowflake warehouse without switching to other tools. And with the upcoming features around orchestration, we’ll have full control over how our data models run on our Snowflake. This allows us to ensure that all charts run fast while also optimizing warehouse usage. We love that!”

Robert Parviainen, VP of Data Science at Seriously

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