Sisense Training

Sisense 101
Introduction Getting from Data to Dashboard

Sisense 101 will focus on an introductory view of the Sisense environment, spanning all the way from an environment overview, business questions planning, various widgets, filters, all the way to sharing our dashboards with our users. The whole session will review a demi business story, upon which we will implement the Sisense BI project as we go along. While doing so, we will demonstrate the environment basics, as well as additional advanced items. The output of this session will be an ecdata file (constructed out of MSQL tables and xls worksheet) and .dash file. Assignments will be given at the end of the session, these assignments will include advanced analysis business questions, which will be demonstrated in 102.



Sisense 102
Advanced Analysis, Visualization and Administration

This session is the next step in the Sisense training course. It will pick up from where the Sisense 101 session left off, investing the time in more advanced items, including custom SQL expressions, use of advanced measured values, design and functional JS, data security and advanced analysis. The input to this session will be the same ecdata and .dash files which were created during 101. At this point additional, more advanced, business questions will be added to the business planning document. The participants will create a new dashboard with these additional business questions.



ElastiCube Training
ETL, Advanced ElastiCube and Data Modeling

This EC training will focus on back end implementations, and is intended for modeling and back end users, as well as advanced dashboard users. This session will focus on the limitations of the dashboard analysis capabilities, and how to achieve them within the EC. In addition, this session will demonstrate advanced data modeling concepts and ideas, as well as data modeling challenges and resolutions.