Visualize Your
Customer Service KPIs

No matter what industry you work in, your customers are your most important asset. It makes sense to know exactly how well you’re treating them, how effectively you can assist them, and their level of satisfaction. To better understand your customer support operation, and how well it realizes its objectives, it’s vital to establish customer service KPIs and measure them effectively. Doing so will make it easier to comprehend your accompanying customer service analytics.

That’s why it’s crucial to:

      A) Find KPIs that are relevant for your industry and service channels
      B) Make sure that the KPIs you measure are accessible by the teams in your company who need them

Which KPIs Should I Choose?

The goal of any KPI is to present you with a better grasp of your customer service process. This can include any aspect of your customer support activities that affect performance, and that helps you uncover pain points that can be resolved. The guide below is designed to show you some of the most useful KPIs for customer service and the best practices for employing them.

Average After-Call Work Time

Cost per Call

Customer Churn Rate

Abandoned Call Percentage

NPS Customer Service

Average Handling Time

Average Speed of Answer

More KPIs Customer Service Dashboard Examples