What Does it Mean?

Keyword Performance means keeping tabs on how many people find your site on their own. It also means paying close attention to any significant changes and trends, so that you can trace these back to alterations you’ve made to the site.

Why Does it Matter?

Organic traffic is the holy grail of inbound marketing, because the idea is that once you’ve nailed web copy that works, the visitors (and potential leads) come flooding in – for free. A carefully tuned SEO strategy based on effective keywords can mean less marketing spend with great results, maximising your ROI. PPC_Dashboard

How Do You Measure the KPI?

As the name suggests, measuring Keyword Performance means tracking which words and terms on your website help bring in the most traffic. To do that, you monitor which search terms (queries) your audience used that led them to your site. It also makes sense to analyze which search terms are most popular in your field, so that you can incorporate these into your copy.

What Data Sources Would You Use to Measure the KPI?

Typically, tools like Google Analytics, Adwords, and Google Webmaster Tools.

Give Me an Example…

Let’s imagine your company sells camera equipment. You’re trying to work out whether which of the terms “best prosumer DSLR”, “best entry-level DSLR”, “or “best DSLR for videographers” is most effective in bringing traffic to a particular product page. To do that, you would need to bring together stats on how many click-throughs each keyword gets from search engines, as well as data that tells you whether or not these are the right visitors. For example, “best entry-level DSLR” might get the most hits and traffic, but if the camera in question is actually an expensive model that’s better for videographers rather than newbie photographers, your bounce rate (how many people leave immediately) might be high and your sales conversion rate low. Visualized together, these elements will tell you how your keywords are performing.

What Benchmark / Indicators Should I Use?

Top indicators for Keyword Performance include:
  • Better rankings for a particular keyword/keyword group
  • Better click-through rates (CTRs) for those keywords
  • Improvements to goal completion rates for visitors that reach your site organically

Google's Best Practices Video:

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