Visualize Your Product KPIs

Product KPIs

When it comes to building successful products, data is the most powerful tool you have. Distilling complex data into clear KPIs illuminates the vital signs of a product’s health; the right KPIs will measure progress, diagnose problems, and serve as the fuel behind informed decision making. Leveraging the power of product KPIs begins with first defining the most impactful metrics for your business, and then, in ensuring that the power of this data is easily accessed by your organization.

That’s why it’s essential to:

  1. Select the best Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help monitor the health of your product, and
  2. Have the right tools in place to visualize, interact with, and analyze the data to draw out rapid, actionable insights, such as a data analytics software.

Which KPIs Should I Choose?

Product KPIs serve to measure your products performance. Because performance looks different for every product, KPIs here encompass a broad set of topics. Identifying the most important KPI for your product is a nuanced decision, but ultimately, every KPI you measure should serve to support clear goals that are visible to the entire organization. We’ve aggregated some of the most important product KPIs here, along with how to measure them.

Types of KPI for Product Department

Product Engagement

Monthly Recurring Revenue

App Retention Rate

Time to Value

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