Tel Aviv Meetup, Jan 24th

ES2015 by Shai Mishali

You can’t call yourself a true Javascript developer without knowing about ES6/ES2015 aka ECMAScript 2015/ECMAScript 6. But what is it really? Shai Mishali will teach you what these terms mean, and dive deep into many of the new standards and best practices.

React Native by Yoav Amit

Yoav Amit one of the founders of OpenRest (now Wix Restaurants) will talk about Wix’s decision to start using React Native, the reasons that led to this choice, other alternatives considered, and how to apply continuous deployment in a world where Apple takes two weeks to approve each app.

Machine Learning in JS by Dean Shub

Dean Shub, software architect at Sisense will dive deep into the next generation of technology development and their integration into popular programming languages. Dean will make sense of it all by explaining concepts and scripts, and understanding what you can do with them and where to start.