Dashboard Tabber

By QBeeQ

The Dashboard Tabber enables one to navigate quickly and easily between various dashboards from within the actual dashboard, without the need to navigate via the dashboard navigation pane. The various selected dashboards are independent by their Elasticube, widgets and filters, and can hold different filters between them. If they are all pulling data from the same Elasticube, they can have the same filters applied and these filters will stick during the navigation.

By default, the Dashboard Tabber enables one to add up to 12 different dashboard tabs, though this value can be increased.

This highly improves end-user experience in both embedded and non-embedded scenarios where users can navigate from within the dashboard directly to the next without leaving the UI. To differentiate this plugin from the free Sisense Tabber, this plugin enables one to easily toggle between full separate independent dashboards, and load them on demand, and not toggle between a few singular widgets, which all initially load together on the dashboard, thus optimizing end-user navigation experience and taking full advantage of dashboard real estate. This plugin is very easily configured and requires no JS knowledge or code.

With this plugin you will be able to:

-          Easily navigate between full dashboards from the actual dashboard UI

-          Load full independent dashboards on demand

-          Optimize end user experience in both embedded and non embedded mode

-          Take full advantage of dashboard real estate, by being able to show much more with much less

In addition, this plugin can be added to a ‘drilled-to’ target dashboard, meaning that after jumping to a new dashboard via a pop-up mechanism as with the ‘Jump To Dashboard’ plugin, one can then, within the pop-up, navigate around to other dashboards. As both the ‘Jump To Dashboard’ and the ‘Dashboard Tabber’ plugins enable inherited filter scope mechanism, one can basically drill to several dashboards in one go, highly improving end user experience, by being able to see a much larger story with minimum clicks and visual clutter.

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