Lazy Loading

By Paldi Solutions

Blazing fast dashboard loading is finally here :)

Enable performance boost by installing the LazyLoading plugin.

How does it work?

  • LazyLoading recognizes which widgets are "Above The Fold" (I.E. currently visible on the screen), and then prevent all the non-visible widgets from sending out their queries to the cube until they become visible (usually by scrolling down the page).
  • The plugin significantly reduces the time it takes for the dashboard to finish up its initial loading and be ready for the user to start using it.
  • As a result, the user will have a much smoother experience when navigating between dashboards.
  • Another result is that fewer queries are sent to the cube which leads to better performance on the server side as well.
  • The performance boost is even more impressive when discussing mobile browsing as it turns the mobile experience to be blazing fast.
  • This plugin also takes into account usage of the Tabber and Accordion widgets and applies on their hidden widgets as well (I.E. widgets on in-active tabs won't send their queries until the user navigates to them).


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See it in action:

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