By OvalEdge

OvalEdge is a data catalog and data governance tool that virtually centralizes all of a company's data into a single repository or catalog. OvalEdge provides a progressive approach to data governance, helping companies to:

Catalog: Make data asset discovery easy by automatically cataloging your enterprise data assets.

Collaborate: Provide a self-service collaborative experience for your analytics, data, and business teams that helps them find, understand, enrich, and share data assets quickly and easily.

Comply: Define and apply data controls that ensure data quality, enforce data governance policies, and verify that the business is meeting compliance requirements and minimizing risk.

OvalEdge runs on lean infrastructure. Also, since it is architected with an open framework, it can be seamlessly integrated with other applications.

Steps to Install: Ovaledge-Sisense-Integration-Steps-Screenshots

Read our joint white paper on how the Sisense & Ovaledge integration helps the healthcare sector with the biggest governance barriers they face.