Sisense Analytics for Salesforce

By Sisense

Create unique, interactive, visual data experiences and infuse them everywhere in Salesforce for the right intelligence at exactly the right moment.

  • Understand prospects and customers at a deeper level with intelligence infused directly into workflows in Salesforce
  • Take analytics to the next level with integrations into other workflows, processes, and applications that empower users to take multi-step actions directly from interactive, visual charts and widgets
  • Leverage all your data across systems and have a single source of truth about your customers

Dashboard embedded into Salesforce

Click here to view a short demo video:

To install the Sisense Infusion Application for Salesforce:

  1. Use this link to log into the Salesforce environment in which you are going to install the component.
  2. Follow the installation process for the Sisense Infusion Application.
  3. In Salesforce Setup, go to the Installed Packages page to confirm that the new Sisense component is in the list.
  4. Go to an Account record page and click Edit Page. On the left side is the components list and Sisense Infused should be under the Custom section.
  5. Click and drag the component to the appropriate location on the page and apply the required settings.
This is a free add-on, click here to get it now.

Version 1.0
Initial version