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Business Intelligence Industry Expertise

Argo Logic is a software consulting company. We help companies develop a strategic software approach and provide the technical services to deliver such plans. We provide advice on standard off shelf software such as CRM platforms, Marketing Automation tools, Accounting packages and other critical business software and work towards a Data integration plan that turns disparate systems into a cohesive package that functions to achieve business goals.Where our solutions require custom software development our team based out of Tel Aviv conduct this work. Sisense is the only BI Analytics too we recommend and forms a key part of our value add services for our clients.

Sisense Services Provided

Hosted infrastructure, data design, integration between applications, SSO, Designing dashboards, user workshops and strategy.

Some of the Sisense Projects Completed

  • Real Estate – A recent project involved working with a large real estate company. They had migrated to Salesforce but were still using old fashioned excel reports to disseminate data to clients and executive staff. SiSense was bought into connect Salesforce data to gather with other services such as marketing automation and financial data source to deliver a professional and impressive overview of the business. We configure and maintain the environment that hosts the SiSense software. Setup Elasticubes connected to various data sources, delivered custom tables and queries to join relevant data, designed all dashboards and developed a security strategy around data which allowed the client to deliver dashboards to different customers with varying levels of access. From the customer perspective SiSense delivered on demand easy to understand and interpret dashboards and information on the performance of projects. In this case it not only served as an effective internal tool for management, but also ended up being a major selling point for the business when pitching for new work.
  • Big Data – We recently finished work for a large data company in Australia. They had newly installed SiSense and were having difficulties connecting to one of their data sources. There was no native connector at the time so we implemented a “middle ware” solution to connect to the data source and house the data for SiSense to connect to. This solution proved to be so reliable that to date the client still uses this even after the release of a custom connector for their source.

Operating Countries

  • Australia


  • English

Company Contact Information

Headquarters location: level 14, 5 martin Place Sydney, Australia

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Primary contact person: Dean Krowitz
Phone: + 61 414 090 333
Email: [email protected]