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  • Empowering everyone to make data-driven decisions at speed can transform businesses for good! Data is everywhere but to reach its potential is one of the primary challenges that businesses face today. That’s where BitBang can help!
    BitBangs’ data management consulting services support businesses with the solutions and data measurement strategies so marketing efforts can be data-driven to increase opportunities and win on Customer Experience. Through data collection, integration and visualisation, data sensemaking and insights delivery, BitBang enables organisations to leverage data effectively to achieve holistic knowledge of the customer and brand performance to make the right business decisions.
    BitBang provides services and best practices in analytics, data and information management, modern and augmented business intelligence, measurement consulting, optimization, data insights services, advanced analytics, machine learning and cloud engineering.
    BitBang supports clients in leveraging, yet enriching data so that they can be confident every data driven business decision will make a positive difference!

Sisense Services Provided

  • Implementation
  • reporting
  • recommendation
  • configuration
  • intelligence
  • insights delivery/execution.

Operating Countries

  • Europe


  • English
  • Italian

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Bologna, Via E. Mattei 102, 40138, Bologna, BO, +39 051 58 75 314

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o Primary contact: Giovanni Lorenzoni (partnership) [email protected] Marialisa Manuzzi (general) [email protected]