D.A. Team

Business Intelligence Industry Expertise

We are D.A. Team, a group of gritty Sisense professionals who create data-driven business solutions for organizations around the world.

We believe that companies can utilize data, to speed up progress and increase margin.

Our vision is to leverage business through data. And we get most excited when we meet a data-driven organization that shares the same dream with us.

How We Do It:

Over the last 20 years, we have been helping companies leverage their business through Data, BI, and Analytics. We’ve taken the vast knowledge and experience we’ve gained and developed the unique, creative, and out-of-the-box Methodology.

What We Do:

Transform businesses ideas by utilizing data.
Design and develop data-driven business processes.
Customize Sisense software solutions to create top-notch, self-service BI tools.
In this way, we deliver outstanding, tailor-made solutions in retail, fintech, cyber, startups, eCommerce, software, communications, gas & oil, health, government, and much more

Sisense Services Provided

  • Designing BI organizational roadmaps based on business needs, best practices, and Sisense related data architecture
  • POC & implementation of Sisense tools
  • Design and development of Data Lakes
  • Budget Plan and cost reduction of your AWS/GCP Data infrastructure.
  • Migrating Tableau and PBI to Sisense

Some of the Sisense Projects Completed

  • A leading Cyber-Security company provides solutions for reducing IoT/ICS risk from network threats and unmanaged devices, longed to make better use of its data to improve analytics its end-users in terms of threats management and risk alerts.

    D.A. Team’s Sisense experts developed an analytic layer and deployed Sisense on top of it, which led to near-real-time analytics for the end-users.

    The solution provided is white labeled, and integrates to their product, offering excellent business value to their clients.

  • Splitit, a leading digital-payment solution provider, needed to develop a self-service experience when analyzing data, while still having “one version of the truth.”

    The solution we created included
  • Design of a GDPR compliant Data Roadmap.
  • Transition from PBI & Tabular to Sisense.
  • Roadmap that utilize data to generate revenue.

                 The solution we created leveraged the data-driven organization:

  • It supports “One version of the truth.”
  • Power Users can create ad-hoc reports & dashboards.
  • Easy analysis of data.
  • Live Management meetings use live reports and dashboards
  • The BI is actionable and triggers a lot of actions such as Alerts to other systems, and write back in some cases.

Operating regions

  • EMEA


  • English
  • Hebrew
  • German
  • French
  • Russian

Company Contact Information

Headquarters location:  Israel

Website: https://www.d-a-team.com/

Company LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/d-a-team/about/

Primary contact person: Efi Goldman

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +972-54-6677700