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At Qbase, we aim to make the world a better place using data. Yes, we know that sounds grandeur. But we genuinely mean it. From helping several charities raise more funds for good causes, to making communications more relevant and helpful for retailers, our data services have a positive impact for our clients and their world. We achieve this because we’re committed to being a centre of excellence for data services so we can help our clients make their businesses better using data. And that means developing and deploying best practices, and nurturing the best talent. Maybe it’s time we made your world better with data.

Sisense Services Provided

  • Data Integration – Trusted, timely data is key to modern business success. Ensuring accurate data delivery into the hands of the people and technology that needs it, enables you to identify and quickly capitalise on more opportunities. This is where we come in. Our data integration services help you scope, design, implement and manage all your requirements.
  • Data Management – Just having data in systems alone is not enough, you need to ensure the right data is available to the right people when it matters. Even then there needs governance of that information. Qbase will work with you to ensure you have the right solution in place to give you the most powerful BI tool. 
  • Dashboard Design and Build – Once you have access to data want to be able to use it to find the answers and opportunities you need. We can help build relevant and timely dashboards that suit your business need which are accessible to your teams when they need them.We start by fully understanding your requirements before tailoring the business intelligence tool to become the perfect fit for you and your teams.
  • Best Practice Techniques – because of our wide and varied client base and our culture of learning we will always bring best practice guidance to ensure you have the most efficient, effective and Business Intelligence infrastructure.
  • Support – Ongoing management and support of your new SiSense system is critical. Qbase will help you through the adoption process and stay by your side to help and guide throughout. We have a dedicated support desk and developers you can call upon whenever you need too.  

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Company Contact Information

 Company Contact Information:

 T: +44 (0)1925 644800 E: [email protected]

Headquarters Location:  Warrington, England

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Website: www.qbase.net

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Neil Martin | Commercial Director | [email protected]