January 1, 2019

10 Data Analytics Companies To Watch In 2019

By Rick Whiting

The business analytics industry is crowded with established companies and startups – all offering technology to help manage big data business analytics challenges. Here are 10 companies that we’re keeping an eye on in 2019.

Periscope Data
Top Executive: Harry Glaser, CEO and Co-Founder

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is another company that could be poised to break out of the business analytics pack in 2020. The San Francisco-based company developed an advanced, unified data system that data teams use to ingest, store, analyze, visualize and report on data and deliver deeper insights to their organizations.

New Technology for Data Analytics Warehouses

In November, the company launched Data Engine by Periscope Data, the first phase of its next-generation analytics warehouse integration technology. With the ability to bypass the most challenging steps in data ETL (extract, transform and load) processes, the Data Engine software will help data teams achieve faster query performance and data ingestion at scale for any kind of workload regardless of concurrency, data volume or query complexity, according to the company.

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