January 8, 2019

Bol.com Uses Measuremen and Sisense to Bring eCommerce Insights to Its Headquarters

Bol.com, the leading webshop in The Netherlands and Belgium for 16 million items turns its headquarters into a laboratory to create what may be the largest ever in-office study of worker collaboration, efficiency, and happiness, using Measuremen and Sisense 

Amsterdam Sisense, disrupting the business intelligence (BI) market by simplifying business analytics for complex data, today announced that it has entered into a multi-year relationship with bol.com to help the eCommerce giant bring data-driven insights to its brick-and-mortar offices. Measuremen will tap Sisense, a company that is disrupting the BI market by simplifying business analytics for complex data, to provide an analytical overlay to its measurements, in what may be the largest-ever in-office study of workplace efficiency and productivity.

“Bol.com is a master of tracking behavior online, but it found it a lot more challenging to measure complex behaviors in the physical world. Measuremen is the leader in measuring worker activity to provide workplace transparency, increasing efficiency and productivity based on evidence, not theory. Combined with the robust analytical capabilities provided by Sisense, we are confident that we’ll bring the same level of transparency to bol.com’s physical workplace that it sees in the digital world.”

Lyjo Franse, Chief Operating Officer, Measuremen

The workplace occupancy and utilization studies that Measuremen undertakes are very thorough and result in objective and reliable reports. A core group of observers are selected for each project and use a smartphone that runs a Measuremen developed application to register the activity taking place at every workspace. A big dataset is collected as this study runs continuously for ten work-days with at least six ‘walkaround’ surveys per day. The study is focused on the bol.com headquarters, which encompasses 2,200 workstations, 1,500 professionals and a varying pool of part-timers spread across 3 buildings. A clear view on which work patterns occur structurally across different teams helps the bol.com workplace team provide an optimized work environment for these specific teams to make them perform even better and increase overall productivity. By observing the use of all meeting facilities, Measuremen enables the bol.com real estate and facility teams to turn all of this data into highly valuable insights for better decision-making.

“Sisense is dedicated to making complex data simple, and embedding insights everywhere. The idea of ‘embedding insights everywhere’ is traditionally associated with a product or a platform, but there’s tremendous potential in embedding analytical insights into workplaces and processes. It is great to see Measuremen using Sisense to realize that potential at bol.com.”

Amir Orad, Chief Executive Officer, Sisense

Bol.com is owned by Ahold-Delhaize, one of the world’s largest retailers, which operates numerous supermarkets in the US like Food Lion, Stop & Shop, Peapod, and Bfresh.

About bol.com

Bol.com has been one of the most popular stores in the Netherlands and Belgium since its inception in 1999. Almost 9 million Dutch and Belgians shop at bol.com. With a range of 16 million items, and spread over more than 20 product categories, customers can choose from the widest range. This consists of books, ebooks, music, films, games, electronics, toys, jewelry and accessories, baby items, garden and DIY articles and everything for living, animals, sports, leisure, and personal care. Bol.com offers the widest product range by collaborating with more than 21,000 Dutch and Belgian retailers who sell via bol.com. The fact that customers of bol.com appreciate the store is apparent from, among other things, the many (public) prizes that bol.com has received in recent years. For example, bol.com was voted ‘Strongest retail brand in the Netherlands’ in 2018 for the fourth year in a row and the public called bol.com in 2017 and 2018 as ‘Most popular shop in the Netherlands’ . In addition, bol.com was named ‘Retailer of the Year’ in the Netherlands in 2017. At the Belgian ‘Shopping Awards’ in 2018, the public proclaimed bol.com as ‘Best Webshop in Belgium’. Bol.com has been part of Ahold Delhaize since 2012.

About Measurement

Measuremen started in 2003 out of The Hague and we have been executing workplace studies in various ways ever since. Our mission is to improve the work environment worldwide by creating insights in the actual use and performance of the work environment with occupancy and utilisation studies, sensor technology, questionnaires and human behaviour apps so our core clients can make better decisions.