March 2, 2016

EXL Healthcare Enhances Data-Driven Medical Decisions with Addition of Sisense Business Analytics to CareRadius® Platform

Sisense enables EXL Healthcare to simplify complex data analytics for business and medical users

Sisense, the leader in simplifying business analytics for complex data with its innovative In-Chip™ analytics, today announced that EXL Healthcare is leveraging its platform to enhance data-driven medical decisions for medical and business professionals. EXL’s CareRadius® platform combines collaborative care management with the clinical support and analytics to enhance clinical decision-making, improve workflows and reduce administrative costs. By aggregating and analyzing data from multiple, disparate data sources, CareRadius® and Sisense will provide a 360-degree view of patient data, without reliance on scarce technical resources.

With their partnership, EXL and Sisense are at the forefront of a revolution occurring in the healthcare analytics market, enabling new access to data-driven decisions for critical medical care, both improving outcomes and minimizing costs. The CareRadius® product, with Sisense analytics embedded, is a league ahead of what EXL customers were using previously. Leveraging Sisense, EXL Healthcare is able to give its users better visibility into operations, enhanced visualizations and the ability to make faster business decisions. By leaving behind an old approach to business intelligence, EXL Healthcare gains faster time-to-insight with Sisense. Everyday users are able to leverage the CareRadius® platform and are given the ability to conduct data analyses without the need for advanced technology skills or understanding.

“We value the strong partnerships we have with our clients and strive to meet their needs. We saw a need for a data analytics and visualization tool – mutually beneficial for both the client and EXL to meet the reporting requirements of the ever-changing healthcare market and to support regulatory requirements,” said Senior Vice President and General Manager of EXL Healthcare’s Population Health Solutions, Scott McFarland. “We had very high expectations as we evaluated numerous analytics solutions, and Sisense is exceeding all of them with better analytics, simpler integration and ease-of-use. The value we’re able to provide to our users with Sisense’s self-service approach is unprecedented.”

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Access to analytics and the ability to gain insights from data is an increasingly important initiative in the healthcare industry, as it can impact key medical matters, regulatory requirements and patient care. By working with Sisense, EXL’s CareRadius® platform is enabling business users to drill down into data, delivering better productivity and workflow insights to improve performance and care, while complying with industry requirements.

“In dealing with an inundation of information from disparate sources, companies across industry verticals face a huge challenge today when analyzing and extracting value from their data,” said Sisense CEO Amir Orad. “By putting the power of data analytics directly into the hands of business and medical decision-makers, EXL Healthcare is arming its users with the tools needed to transform into a data-driven business, without the expensive and time consuming IT resources traditionally required with business analytics tools.”

Ease-of-use was one of many strategic reasons EXL Healthcare selected Sisense for its CareRadius® platform, as it allows end-users to create reports and modify existing ones with less reliance on IT. Sisense’s capabilities give business and medical users the control to identify gaps in patient care, adjust workflows and address concerns within regulatory timeframes.

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