May 11, 2020

Sisense to Debut First State of Business Intelligence and Analytics Survey

Early Results Show 50% Surveyed See More of a Need for Analytics Post-COVID While Only 5% Say Less

New York, NY — May 11, 2020 — ​​​Sisense, the world’s leading analytics platform for builders, today announced that it will release its first proprietary 2020 State of Business Intelligence & Analytics Report revealing the importance of data & analytics in times of crisis. The report is based on a survey conducted in North America. Five hundred respondents representing 12 industries, from all levels of an organization, including non profits and SMBs, up to large enterprises, participated. The report demonstrates the current state of and future plans for deploying and leveraging analytics across global organizations. More importantly, it highlights this critical moment in time to evaluate, as a baseline, the importance of data-driven decision-making in businesses of any size, in any industry. 

For example, when asked what new data analytics use cases organizations are planning for in the weeks and months ahead, the survey reveals the following:

  • 57% of respondents say they will use data to improve efficiencies
  • 50% will support customers
  • 47% will predict changes and outcomes

The upcoming report will reveal this data correlated to specific industries and decision makers. 

“COVID-19 has not only shown us cracks in the world’s infrastructure on many levels, it has also critically and fundamentally changed the way we will do business forever,” said Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense. “Taking the pulse of businesses in the midst of any transformation gives us all an opportunity to learn, understand, and share valuable insights back to the industries and their business people,” he continued. “These valuable insights can help organizations form or change strategies and act or react to market dynamics quickly. By doing so, we’re helping them take one giant step forward in innovation and adaptability which could also have a material difference on their survival.”

95% Surveyed Say BI & Analytics Are More Important or Just as Important

Today analytics matter more than ever because they replace gut feelings with a capability to make informed business decisions. Survey respondents agreed 95% surveyed say BI & analytics are more important or just as important as pre-COVID. And 50% said they are more important while only 5% said less. Whether it’s a small gym operator plotting what her bounce back will be and how to adapt when the shelter at home restrictions are lifted in her state, to the transportation provider that needs to rethink delivery schedules fast based on fluctuations in grocery demand — both of these are prevalent and relevant examples of the dire need for analytics across industries today.  

Sisense is also seeing adaptability in the form of change, speed, and innovation in its own customer base each and every day. A few examples include:

  • An insulin management software company performed research powered by Sisense and released its own survey about how insulin management has become a paramount topic of interest by the medical community in the treatment of COVID-19. 
  • A web-based solution for the floral industry that delivers operational efficiencies is helping Mom and Pop floral businesses thrive just in time for Mother’s and Father’s Day with its free Komet Analytics relief offer. In the process they’re actually revolutionizing the low-tech, no-tech retail and wholesale floral market.
  • A global healthcare supply chain analytics and solutions platform who have a contract to manage all COVID-related medical equipment across the VA system is currently using Sisense to gain insight into the location, deployment, and condition of critical PPE supplies across its network of hospitals.  

The Sisense 2020 State of Business Intelligence and Analytics Report will provide a quarterly pulse of the global business environment to help reveal insights and dynamics that may shape the global industry environments and ecosystems for decades to come. The full report will be coming soon.

About Sisense

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