Sisense Add-Ons

Sisense’s data analytics software is infinitely extensible with support for a wide variety of add-ons and libraries. Check out some of the great extensions you can download and start using today.

Jump to Dashboard

Link related dashboards together

K-Means Clustering

Easily create clusters through an easy menu


Give users a high-level overview


Quickly switch between views

Limit Autocomplete

Limit share autocomplete to a user group


Add forecasting to your widgets

BloX Widgets

Create custom widgets


Add a comment box to your dashboards

Visualize Queries

Visualize JAQLine widget queries

Dynamic ElastiCubes

Redirect a dashboard to different ElastiCubes on the fly

Aggregated Table

Support agregations across entire tables

Print Widget

Print any widget with a few clicks

Filtered Measure

Create additional selection states

Dynamic Buckets

Aggregate a column chart’s results into buckets

Switchable Dimensions

Toggle between any dimension displayed

Embed Images

Insert any image into a table cell

Funnel Widget

Funnel Visualization Add On