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See how Sisense reinvents Business Intelligence through technological innovation

Sisense is the only Business Intelligence software that lets you crunch Big Data with small hardware at unparalleled speed. Three innovative technological breakthroughs set Sisense apart from every other BI solution and power its full-stack analytics and visualization engine.

In-Chip Technology

Run More Queries with Less Hardware

In the age of Big Data, overreliance on RAM resources can be a costly matter. Sisense aims to provide organizations with a solution that can scale to terabytes without requiring additional investment in hardware. This is achieved by making optimal use of all existing computational resources: storage, RAM and CPU.

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4:00 – 5:30 Demo of In-Chip Technology


Easily Manage Complex Data without Relying on IT

Sisense’s unique back-end lets non-technical users grab the reins of the data preparation process via a simple drag-and-join interface. By performing row level joins and utilizing a columnar database, the ElastiCube provides a strong, fast, and scalable solution that retains the full granularity of the data and lets you combine data sources with the blink of an eye.

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2:30 – 6:00 Demo of ElastiCube


Adding Users Improves Performance

The axiom most BI developers swear by is that more users mean either slower performance or hardware upgrades. Sisense does things different: by breaking queries into micro-blocks and reusing these chunks, it manages to break this mold and actually improve performance as the number of concurrent users increase.

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3:25 – 5:00 Demo of CrowdSpeed

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What Customers are Saying

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