Data Level Security

Sisense’s data level security enables precise control of the data that users can see.


Data-level Security

Data level security and Sisense

With Data Level Security, a single dashboard can be shared with many users, with each viewer accessing only the data they have permission to see. This not only provides fine-grained security, but reduces development time because replicated dashboards do not need to be built or adjusted independently.



Row Level Security

User and group permissions can be set to view specific rows in the source data. For each ElastiCube, multiple rules can be applied to enforce granular access control.

Row Level Security Defaults

Security Defaults can be used to automate rules that make certain data accessible to specific users or groups. For example, a default can be set so that new employees can only access a restricted data set until they are added to relevant groups. This feature provides organizations a custom, scalable method of applying security across their entire user base.

Sisense Security

Strong data level security is critical for enterprise software, especially with applications that store or access highly sensitive data like Business Intelligence. Sisense adheres to stringent security practices to ensure that organizations can implement our solution safely and in accordance with their unique needs.

Sisense security outlook combines rigorous processes and regular testing with industry standard technologies like encryption, authentication and access control methods. Sisense provides deep functionality that allows organizations to secure components of the solution and their data with fine-grained detail, without compromising ease of use, time-to-market, or adding unnecessary complexity.

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