Cloud-Native Sisense

Engineered from the Ground Up on Best-of-Breed Cloud Technologies

Join the next wave of digital disruption with Sisense’s ground-breaking Cloud-Native Data & Analytics Platform. Purpose-built on a containerized microservices architecture, Cloud-Native Sisense leverages the most modern technologies to enable faster delivery, reliability, and scalability. With Cloud-Native Sisense, you can build future-ready enterprise-grade analytic apps, on any cloud or on-premises, at the lowest overall TCO.

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Cloud-Native Sisense on Linux

Cloud-Native Sisense lets you leverage all the benefits of a modern containerized microservices architecture running on the Linux OS making it the go-to-choice for Enterprise and Cloud deployments today. Drive business innovation and growth through rapid and scalable delivery without compromising on reliability. Cloud-Native Sisense allows you to build analytic applications that provide both ease-of-use and self-service BI along with scalability, security and customization requirements of an Enterprise-grade application.

With Cloud-Native Sisense, you can build and manage a highly-performant and future-ready analytics application that is designed to scale.

Rapidly Deploy Analytics

From Self-Service BI to Custom Data-Driven Applications at Scale

DevOps Agility

Sisense’s modern Cloud-Native Architecture enables seamless integration of your analytics deployment into your Infrastructure-as-Code and DevOps processes making it easier and faster to provision, upgrade and scale nodes.

Reduced TCO

Cloud-Native Sisense reduces the overall TCO of your deployment by leveraging the cost advantages of Linux, the efficient use of resources and automated deployments and maintenance with Helm and a robust suite of APIs.

Flexible Deployment

Cloud-Native Sisense is agnostic of where you want to deploy. Deploy on any cloud or on-premises, or in Sisense’s Managed Cloud in both a single or multi-node cluster. The Cloud-Native Architecture makes it easy to integrate with Cloud Services like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Cloud-Native Sisense is an analytics platform purpose-built from the ground up with best-of-breed technologies:




Prometheus Monitoring

Grafana Monitor UI


EFS Shared Storage

Sisense Multi-Server Deployment



Resources for Cloud-Native Sisense: