Sisense on Linux

The Cloud-Native Way of Building Enterprise-Grade Applications

Sisense on Linux is built on a modern Microservices architecture coupled with Docker containers and Kubernetes orchestration enabling faster delivery, high-resiliency, and scalability.

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Sisense on Linux

Sisense on Linux lets you leverage all the benefits of Linux including security, flexibility, and low TCO making this the go-to-choice for Enterprise and Cloud deployments today. Combined with a cloud-native architecture, Sisense on Linux allows you to seamlessly integrate analytics into your deployment workflow and DevOps processes – be it on the cloud or on-prem.

With Sisense on Linux, you can build and manage a future-ready application that is designed to scale.

Rapidly Deploy Custom Data-Driven Applications at Scale

  • Highly-available, reliable, and secure deployment enabled on a modern cloud-native architecture that is built to scale
  • Deploy anywhere – on the cloud, on-prem or on Sisense’s Managed Services as a single-server or multi-server deployment
  • Integrate seamlessly with cloud services like AWS and Azure
  • High performance and optimal resource utilization through Kubernetes built-in load-balancing and on-demand auto-scaling of application microservices and data instances, with the option of fine-grained configurations and control
  • Automate and manage with Helm and robust suite of APIs for rapid deployments and upgrades
  • Detailed monitoring with in-app dashboards from the server down to the data instance level using Prometheus and Grafana
  • Distributed, reliable, and highly-scalable shared data-storage from external storage like EFS or on-premises storage like GlusterFS
  • Shared hardware across use cases through tenant isolation on the same cluster or server

3 Server Deployment

Additional Servers (4+ Server Deployment)

Sisense on Linux is a cloud-native analytics platform purpose-built from the ground up with best-of-breed technologies:




Prometheus Monitoring

Grafana Monitor UI


EFS Shared Storage