Sisense API Benefits

Developing with Sisense’s data analytics API has many possibilities, below are some common benefits enabled by the APIs.

Sisense API is a set of tools that give developers more options to manage, enhance and customize the functionality of Sisense.

The Sisense’s data analytics API makes it possible to integrate other systems and create new capabilities. Sisense provides several APIs that enable a variety of customization. Sisense API is distinguished in its ease of use and programmatic access to extensive components of Sisense solution.

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API Benefits & Examples



Quickly automate a processes to save time


Seamlessly integrate into existing work-flows


Create and customize new visualizations that enhance data analysis


White label Sisense to fit your corporate brand

Don’t Change the Rules. Change the Game.

See how Sisense makes it easy for every user (even non-technical ones) to uncover game-changing business insights. See Sisense in Action

Aaron Stronge, Associate Director of IP

Our clients are savvy in terms of their analytics needs and demand data and processes they can trust, and Sisense helped us do just that.

Jeremy Gerson

Support Team Leader

We are always faced with the challenge of proving ROI for our product and sometimes it can be a challenge because all our customers have such different scenarios. But it’s really obvious right there, using Sisense, that there is clear ROI.

Angela Occhiogrosso

Our biggest win with Sisense is definitely our client platform. [Our clients] love interacting with them, having the opportunity to not just have the data there but also have a great visualization of the data.

James Tickner

The biggest win [with Sisense] is really allowing our clients to have a new way of interacting with data that they’re very familiar with.