The Sisense Business Intelligence Bot helps users get insights from their data with easy, text-based questions (natural language queries) within their favorite messaging applications. By integrating in other business applications, the Sisense Bot naturally fits a user’s everyday workflow. Interacting is fast and easy, without having to jump across apps to ask data questions. The Sisense Bot is perfect for teams that want to interact with their data in group discussions, like Slack channels.

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The Sisense augmented intelligence Bot Framework enables you to retrieve your Sisense analytic data within 3rd party applications such as Skype and Slack through natural language commands. Simply ask any question and get the answer instantly via text or image. For example, ask the Sisense Bot Framework in Skype what is your total revenue and get an answer back instantly in Skype.

See how Sisense uses Sisense BI Bot to allow users to interact with their analytics inside Slack


How does it work?

The Sisense Bot is powered by advanced natural language technology and backed by Sisense’s high performance analytics engine. As a business’ own Personal Data Assistant, the Sisense Bot helps organizations achieve:

  • More collaborative engagement with data in individual or group messaging apps like Slack and Skype.
  • A faster, more intuitive way of understanding and engaging with data through text-based questions and plain text responses.
  • The ability to control their Sisense system through text-based commands, like refreshing data and creating smart alerts.
  • Better preparation for important business events with calendar integration and smart data suggestions based on meeting content.

Get Insights from Data with Text Based Questions

“I like the idea of being able to use language to answer data questions. The Bot comes back with not only results from the dashboard, but pictures and the ability to filter. This was a really big item for me.”

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