Sisense provides you with the means to interact with your data through traditional point-and-click interfaces as well as through voice commands. With a single voice command, you can retrieve and hear your numeric KPIs.

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Sisense Echo

The Sisense-Enabled Echo searches your widgets and dashboards to provide you with the best result according to your command.

Sisense Echo

Sisense enables Amazon’s Echo, which is a voice-powered, wireless-enabled speaker that interfaces with Alexa, to retrieve your data in Sisense. Alexa is a cloud-based voice service that powers the Echo.

Sisense Echo

Alexa’s default capabilities such as playing music can be extended through skills. Sisense has developed a Sisense skill that extends the Echo’s functionality and returns numeric KPIs through voice commands.

How it

After launching Sisense via voice command, you can retrieve numeric data quickly by asking Alexa about your KPIs similar to issuing traditional queries through Sisense. Your Sisense-Enabled Echo listens for the command and forwards it to Alexa. Alexa handles your requests and routes the request to the Sisense ElastiCube where your information is retrieved. Alexa then translates this data into an audio response played back by your Sisense-Enabled Echo.

Echo Revenue

Respond to Changes in Real-Time

“I think I find it easier to relate to color and sound than a dashboard. I have seen a change in my behaviour using these tools, specifically around time to react – understand when something is changing and going to look at metrics to find out why.”


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