Sisense Pulse

Machine Learning: Right Information, Right People, at the Right Time with Zero Effort.

See How Pulse Works

It’s time for a new level of visibility into your business.

Sisense delivers the right information to the right people and teams, as soon as something changes. Now, with Sisense Pulse augmented intelligence, we’re doing all of this, but with zero effort from the user as machine learning does all the heavy lifting. Sisense Pulse continually monitors KPIs to let you know when important changes occur. Users can simply set their desired parameters and forget it — making the process effortless by removing the need to manually track KPIs. Users can even automate entire workflows by connecting Sisense Pulse to other mission critical applications.

Humans and Machine Working Together

Machine learning algorithms run continuously in the background to detect anomalies and variations in your business proactively alerting you so you can take immediate action.

Smarter Workflow Across Business Processes

Dramatically reduce manual tasks by automating your key business processes across applications. Easily integrate or automate an alert into a third party application, such as Zendesk, Slack or Zapier, to trigger an immediate data-driven response.

Personalizing the BI Experience

The Sisense Pulse page is your personal command center. Each user is now surrounded with the unique set of KPIs that matter to them. No need to dig through endless dashboards.

Real-Time Proactive Alerts That Inspire Action

Take immediate action when important business changes occur. No need to manually track KPIs only to find out that it’s already too late.

Learn more about the full feature set of Sisense Pulse:

Pulse Overview (PDF)