Sisense Narratives

Natural Language Generation technology that present calculations and insights in plain, easy to understand language

Full Value

Derive Full Value of Insights Across All Users

Full Insights

Users Gain Full Insight That Might Be Missed or Misunderstood

Business Intelligence Insights

Successful business intelligence deployments often produce increased amounts of BI insights and KPI’s that business users need to interpret, assess and decide upon. Users therefore need to quickly and more efficiently interpret data and data visualizations to act upon. Not everyone however, has the data literacy or skillset to rapidly read and accurately extract insight being shown from a sunburst visualization, for example.

Sisense Narratives is designed to overcome these skills gaps.

Narratives utilizes natural, everyday language generation to interpret insights from data shown in visualizations, such as bar charts, sunburst or tree maps. Utilizing smart text-based technology makes data analysis easy to understand, enabling each user to extract the full value of information regardless of data literacy skillset.

Additionally, users benefit from:

  • Availability of text that can be used to replace or complement interactive visualizations.
  • Extraction of insights that may be otherwise missed or is misunderstood.
  • Consistency in how results are generated and interpreted amongst all users.


Visualizations contextualized and enriched by easy-to-understand narratives…accelerate the time to insight. They also improve the accuracy of insights and conclusions made from analytics content delivered to, and shared with, an expanded set of users who may have limited analytical skills

Gartner Technology Insight for Modern Business Intelligence & Analytics Platforms

Your Personal, 24×7 Junior Analyst

Sisense Narratives dynamically explains insight in everyday language from your dashboard and can serve as a companion, junior analyst throughout the data discovery and reporting process.

Narratives empowers all users to interpret, communicate and act on data intelligence through channels other than dashboards that may feel more natural in user’s work environment. Additionally, Slack, Skype or even Alexa from Amazon support iterative, back-and-forth interactions that can be easily and shared, disseminated and communicated with colleagues at the speed of business.


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